February 20th 1999 Executive Committee Minutes
Andrea Stierle

Chair Don Stierle presiding; members present: Don Stierle, Doug Cameron, treasurer; Andrea Stierle, secretary; Mark Craccolice, chair-elect; Doug Coe, councilor; Cyd McClure, alternate councilor

Don opened the meeting at 10 AM after first thanking everyone for coming on such a gorgeous day, and then congratulating the new officers (Chair elect Mark Craccolice; Secretary Andrea Stierle; Alternate Councilor Cyd McClure). He read his proposed goals for the year (listed below) and asked for any discussion. The board thought these were good general goals and discussed ways to implement them. We were particularly interested in increasing membership participation in the Fall Social and in the Spring ACS Meeting in Miniature. All agreed that Andrea (the secretary) should draft letters to each member of the section inviting them to these events, particularly the Fall Social, in an effort to "remind" them of their organization. Doug Coe has done an incredible job creating and maintaining the section WEBsite, but unfortunately, not everyone accesses it. Even members of the board commented that they had difficulty finding it. Coe agreed to make it more accessible from the National ACS WEBsite, rather than from the Montana Tech Dept. of Chemistry home page. Andrea agreed to send out a letter specifically inviting members to the Fall Social. Coe committed the auxiliary support of Wilma Immonen, the departmental secretary at Montana Tech, to assist in preparing and mailing these letters.

Councilors' report:There was no report since last Montana Section meeting, since no national ACS meetings had been held in the interim

Treasurer's report: Doug Cameron reported the finances are in excellent condition (see specific treasurer's report for details). Our money comes primarily from our annual allotment from the National ACS office, which is only given to a section that completes and mails in their annual reports, and from local section membership dues, which are used only for educational purposes Science Fair prizes, Chemistry Olympiad prizes, etc.


A. ACS Goals (Don Stierle)

1. Stimulate more student interest in the ACS and in chemistry-The chemistry department at Montana Tech has recently initiated a chemistry special topics course aimed at teaching undergraduate students how to give meaningful chemical demonstrations to the public. This will increase the contact of these students with the public.

2. Stimulate more interest in the local section activities-We have several traditional local activities that are important in joining the local section. These are the Meeting in Miniature and the Fall Social. I would like to increase the number of people attending these activities.

3. Bring more chemical education to the public-The Montana Section is fairly active in helping the public understand chemistry by sponsoring activities such as Forums on ballot initiatives and chemical demonstrations. I hope to help sponsor more of these activities this year.


Discussion as to time and place: Montana Tech of the University of Montana; April 24, 1999 This year's meeting will not be held in conjunction with the Montana Academy of Sciences meeting, a multiyear tradition that followed the "I-90 Convention". (MAS Meetings at Colleges on I-90 - UM, MSU, Montana Tech, MSU- Eastern) would be held in conjunction with MACS Meetings). This year, the MACS meeting will be held separately April 16-17, also at Montana Tech. The Board voted at a previous meeting to separate the events to give scientists a chance to attend both meetings, and to support both scientific endeavors. This year, attendees at the Montana ACS meeting in miniature will be assessed a $5.00 fee that includes lunch.

The meeting will include speaker panels of 20 minutes for each speaker (15 minute talks with 5 minutes for discussion), and a keynote speaker. Mark Craccolice "volunteered" Professor Don Kiely of the University of Montana's prestigious Wood Chemistry Center, the Shavadaze Center, as our keynote. Mark would contact Dr. Kiely and confirm. (Note: Mark did engage Dr. Kiely as keynote). Don is developing a "Call for Papers" using the ACS standard form. Abstracts must be received by April 9th for inclusion in the program. Hopefully, the new Chemistry Building will be available for the ACS meeting.

Once again, students are encouraged to attend. Two $500 awards will be given to the best student presentations. Ideally, one award will be given to the best graduate student and one to the best undergraduate student. However, if there are less than three students in either group, all of the students will be pooled, and two awards will be given without regard for grade status.

Doug Cameron has agreed to contact the director of ASIMI, Mike Kerschen, to arrange a tour of the new silicon plant (West of Butte) that day. (Note: Cameron did contact Pat McLeod who told him that ASIMI only conducted tours on weekdays after 3 PM. Unfortunately, this is not going to work for this meeting.)


Andrea will again organize this event, which will take place either the first or second weekend in October, depending on availability of desired locations. Several locations were suggested: Birch Creek, Canyon Ferry Limnology Institute, Yellow Bay on Flathead Lake, and Chico HotSprings. The Chico HotSprings idea is the heavy favorite. Andrea is investigating the possibility of a "Murder Weekend" at Chico Hot Springs. We will try to have a forensic chemist give the talk and lead into a "murder". Sounds great!


Once again, Andrea gave an empassioned plea for support from the other Universities/Colleges for National Chemistry Week participation. The Stierles and other chemists have been doing Magic Shows every year, among other activities. For the past severla years, Montana Tech has had an active Chem Club that participates in some of these demos. This year, the Montana tech Chem Club has been particularly active. Approximately 25 students are dynamically involved in developing and performing Chemistry Magic Shows. To date, the students have used every school holiday (Election Day in November and Presidents' Day in February) to visit schools and perform 1 hour programs.


Gary Freebury could not be present at this meeting, so he will provide an update on the Chemistry Olympiad at a later time.


The Montana Tech student affiliates applied to the local ACS executive board for funding for their traveling chemistry demonstrations. This group has done a great job putting together a series of excellent demonstrations and performing at several local schools in the Butte, Anaconda, Ramsay area. They would like to take their show "on the road" and requested assistance from the ACS. They presented a formal proposal and budget. The board approved funding for one such trip. The students must present receipts to Doug Cameron for reimbursement up to $600.


Doug Coe has volunteered to organize this event that was inspired by a generous offer from Chemist Ken Emerson. Ken offered to sponsor the contest and to provide prize money of $250 for the best crystal. He is not interested in any administrative aspects of this contest, so Coe will assume any such duties. We may coordinate the contest through the regional Science Fairs (Note: Judging for the contest will by held at the Montana Academy of Sciences 2000 Spring Meeting). Science Fair coordinators will include the information that we provide concerning the crystal growing contest in their packets to the school systems this fall. Coe will draft a letter dictating the terms of the contest.


Cyd McClure offered to attend the meeting in Portland this June to determine whether or not Butte is large enough to support a NORM Mtg and to bid on one of the upcoming available years.