October 3rd 1998 Executive Committee Minutes
Don Beurman

The October 3rd meeting of the Executive Committee of the Montana Section of the American Chemical Society met October 3rd, 1998, at Snowbird Lodge in Yellowstone Park in conjuction with the 1998 Fall Social. Present were Ed Anacker, Don Stierle, Andrea Stierle, Doug Cameron, Doug Coe, Ed Walli, Gary Freeman, and Don Beuerman.

The meeting was called to order by Ed Anacker. The minutes of the previous meeting, as printed on the internet, were approved. The treasurer's report was approved.

A letter was read from Arnold Craig, with explanation of the poster contest to be held at this fall social. It was suggested that a committee be formed from the attendees who are full ACS members to judge the posters and award the $1500 award money as they see fit. It was suggested that these funds could be divided among all contestants if the ad hoc awards committee deemed that all papers were of sufficient substance and professional presentation to present at a later regional or national meeting. The executive committee agreed and a judging committee was formed. Six papers were scheduled to be presented.

Andrea Stierle reported that the slate for nominations was not complete. The chair elect, secretary, and alternate councilor must be elected. Some names were suggested and would be consulted before the slate is posted. It was understood that Don Stierle, the present chair elect, will fill the chair in 1999.

The hosting of the northwest regional meeting at a later date was discussed. The problem of finances was considered. A motion was made to extend a written invitation from the Montana Section to host the meeting in 2002 if the date is open, or in 2003 if not. Motion was seconded and carried. The meeting will probably be held in Butte, although this is not firm.

A discussion ensured regarding the attempt to have a debate on the petition regarding the use of cyanide in mining which is before the electorate. Problems were encountered in obtaining committed speakers, pro and con, to participate. The debate is scheduled for October 23, at Carroll College from 7-10:00 p.m.

Doug Coe gave the councilor's report from the national meeting. He suggested that a proposal be presented to the Montana University System librarians to subscribe electronically to chemical journals with the cost pro rated among the units.

Gary Freebury reported that there is more federal funding available for secondary school science improvement than is being used. The safety issue of the laboratories in the secondary schools is also of a concern and the schools should be in contact with OSHA to become educated on this topic. It was mentioned that educational meetings could be organized for the schools to help them meet good safety standards. As usual, the topic of public relations was discussed. The above mentioned debate, the safety classes for secondary schools, the National Chemistry Week observance, etc. are examples of our attempts to improve the public image of the chemistry profession.

National Chemistry Week: This is an off year for this program.

A request by Ken Emerson to have a crystal-growing contest among school children was considered and approved.

The section's "Meeting in Miniature" will be held in April. Program chairs and workers are needed and a call for papers must be prepared very soon. A discussion ensured regarding the pros and cons of having it coincide with the spring meeting of the Montana Academy of Science.

The next executive meeting of the section will be held in February.

Ed Anacker was thanked for the good job he did during his year as Chair of the Section. The meeting then adjourned to the social hour and program.