April 11th 1998 Executive Committee Minutes
Doug Coe

Present: Gary Freebury, Mark Cracolice, Ed Anacker, Andrea Stierle, Don Stierle, Douglas Cameron, Paul Conn, and Doug Coe.

The Executive Committee of the Montana Section met this day, April 11th, 1998, in Gaines Hall on the Montana State University Campus. The meeting occurred at noon between during the Section's Meeting in Miniature, which is held in conjuction with the Montana Academy of Science Meeting.

Minutes of the meeting held on February 28th, 1998 at Montana Tech were distributed by Doug Coe and appoved, as amended to correct spellings and to have the minutes actually reflect what we did with respect to awards at the Meeting in Miniature.

Doug Cameron presented an updated Treasurer's report, which was approved. Since the February meeting the Section has received its ACS allotment of $4,362 and a $500 anonymous donation.

A Nominating Committee of Ed Waali, Andrea Stierle, and John Amend (yet to be asked) will field a slate of candidates for Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Alternate Councilor.

The Montana Section agreed after some discussion to offer four $500 awards for the best presentation by either an undergraduate or graduate student in the technical sessions of the Montana Section Meeting in Miniature. This award must be used to defray the costs of making a presentation at a regional or national meeting.

The Fall Social will be held on October 3rd at the Snow Lodge at Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. This date will most likely not coincide with the ACS tour speaker, Art Ellis, who is presently scheduled to speak on October 10th on the Montana Tech campus.

Doug Coe indicated that the Section WEB site had been recently updated,

The Montana Section Councilor, Doug Coe, also gave a brief report on the Councilor's Session held at the Dallas Meeting. Highlights include the moving of the Spring 2000 National Meeting from Las Vegas to San Francisco, an increase covering inflation in the yearly dues from $102 to $105, and a lively discussion of the decision to no longer report in Chemical and Engineering News on terminations and layoffs.

Doug Coe said that he would follow up on which Montana Section Chemistry Awards were given out at Science Fairs this past year.