February 28th 1998 Executive Committee Minutes
Doug Coe

Present: Gary Freebury, Mark Cracolice, Ed Anacker, Andrea Stierle, Don Stierle, Douglas Cameron, and Doug Coe.

No minutes of the meeting held on October 11, 1997 at Lubrecht Forest were available for approval.

Doug Cameron presented the annual financial summary for 1997. The section has over $20,000 in net assets.

Mark Cracolice presented the annual report for 1997.

In the section election held in early February Don Stierle was elected Chair-Elect and Doug Cameron was re-elected as treasurer. In future elections the double enveloping of election ballots was suggested to insure voter anonymity.

Ed Anacker reported on the Local Section Officers Conference.

The Montana Academy of Sciences is meeting at MSU on April 10th and 11th. The Montana Section of the ACS will hold its Meeting in Miniature in conjunction with the Academy meeting. Ed Anacker volunteered to make the room arrangements and put out the call for papers. The Montana Section will offer four $500 awards for the best presentation by either an undergraduate or graduate student in the technical sessions. This award must be used to defray the costs of making a presentation at a regional or national meeting. The keynote speaker for the meeting will be scheduled following lunch.

The Section agreed that student affiliates should be encouraged to attend seminars sponsored by the Section. There followed a discussion of financial incentives to encourage student affiliates to become full-fledged members upon graduation.

The preparation of high school chemistry teachers, with particular reference to safety and the disposal of chemicals was also discussed.

Geoff Hughes of Kalispell High School will administer the Chemistry Olympiad for the Montana Section this year. Approximately 1000 high school students take the initial test. The highest scoring 30 or so students then go on to take a 2nd more challenging exam. The 8 highest scoring students from the 2nd exam are selected to participate in the National Chemistry Olympiad and win a Chemical Rubber Company Handbook of Chemistry and Physics that is donated by the section.

Ed Anacker reviewed the ACS strategic plan.

A tentative date of October 10th was picked for the Fall Social and a spirited discussion of possible sites then ensued.