August 6th 1997 Executive Committee Minutes
Donald Beuerman

Present: Gary Freeberg, Mark Croclice, Ed Anacker, Andrea Stierle, Douglas Cameron, and Donald Beuerman.

The minutes of the meeting held on October 12, 1996 were read and approved.

The treasurer reported that we were solvent, with increasing assets.

Discussion regarding using funds for scholarships ensued. Motion was made to "provide three scholarships of $500 to one undergraduate and two graduate students to attend and present their papers at a national or regional meeting of their choice. The recipients will be selected from those presenting posters at the Montana Section fall social." Seconded and passed. It was stated that the mentors were strongly encouraged to accompany the students to the national or regional meetings.

Membership: The topic of increased participation in section activities by the members ensued. A membership list was not available to know who the members were. Don will obtain the list for mid-1997 and request that the list be sent to him each time. He will have a membership directory made from the corrected list received in the fall.

National Chemistry Week: Andrea will help coordinate the section activities but needs help from individual members acting within their locality. A list of VIP members will be requested if such a list is available. All activities should be reported to her or the secretary to receive credit for the section.

Nominations: The positions of Chair, Chair-elect and Treasurer must be filled. The following nominations were made subject to the approval of the candidates.

Chair: Ed Anacker
Chair-elect: Ed Walli
Treasurer: Doug Cameron

Reports: The logistics of the fall social were discussed. It will be held on October 11 pending the sports schedule of the universities. Mark Croclice will obtain the site and confirm the date. Don will see that the information is disseminated via the newsletter.

Student Affiliates: The student affiliates from Montana Tech attended the national meeting in San Francisco in April 1997. The affiliates from University of Montana received a grant of $2000 to work with the regional third grade students to increase interest in elementary science.

Olympiad: The students participating in the 1997 olympiad tied for seventh place. Weakness was found in the fields of micro-techniques and organic chemical understanding. It was reported that most national participants were from "prep schools" and not "public schools".

Miscellaneous: One high school teacher from Great Falls works on research during the summer and takes matching funds back to the school to aid in the science program. This is sponsored by the Murdock Foundation.