October 12th 1996 Executive Committee Minutes
Arnold Craig

Present: Gary Freebury (chair), Mark Cracolice, Arnold Craig, Andrea Stierle, Doug Coe, Ed Waali.

1. Minutes of March 2 approved.

2. Treasurer's report to Sept. 30 submitted. We are solvent.

3. Annual report. Gary Freebury needs input for the 1996 report. Between now and new year is a good time.

4. We have mid-November as the target for the ballot and newsletter.

5. Coe proposed a MT section ACS award for a teacher. Several possibilities were discussed including eligibility, frequency, criteria, and substance of the award. Coe was commissioned to bring a specific proposal to the next board meeting for discussion.

6. Student Affiliate. UM reports several new activities [analysis of Pb in paints on request, placement of containers in UM buildings for Al and paper], MT Tech continues to do demos for various organizations and vigorous efforts to raise dollars to send a group to San Francisco ACS meeting. MSU maintains Al can collection in Gaines Hall. Freebury suggested an "amnesty" program for chemicals in secondary' schools with the affiliate and/or grad student help. The section could send out info on chemicals to high school teachers and be a clearing house for information and chemical exchange or relocation.

7. Nomination for Offices. We need to elect a councilor, secretary and chair-elect. There are three candidates already identified for councilor: Doug Coe, Cynthia McClure and Ed Waali. The nominating committee of Gary Freebury, Ed Waali and Andrea Stierle will identify candidates for other positions. Craig will contact some possibilities at MSU and Coe at MT Tech.

8. Section sponsorship of "I-90" seminars. The section will pay for the refreshments at three seminars this academic year, one each at MSU, MT Tech, and UM. [The MSU seminar will be the "Distinguished Organic Lecture" series featuring Prof. Amos Smith on Nov. 7, 8, 1996.]

9. Chemistry Week. Whatever we do during that week should go into the annual report. No special activities are planned.

10. Membership. Now approximately 250, with most new members in "industrial" laboratories and operations. We need new ideas and initiatives to involve these members.

11. The executive board expressed a preference for Yellowstone Park as the site for the 1997 fall social.

12. The executive board took action on the several points proposed for the governance of the NO(rthwest) R(egional) ACS meeting. (The secretary does not have a record of the individual questions nor our specific responses.)