March 2nd 1996 Executive Committee Minutes
Arnold Craig

Present: Gary Freebury (chair), Mark Cracolice, Arnold Craig, Doug Cameron, Doug Coe, Ed Waali.

Secretary's report

Minutes of the October 7, 1995 executive board noted and approved. 1995 election results are: 21 ballots received, Cracolice (20), Cameron (21), and Coe (20) were elected chair- elect, treasurer, and alternate councilor respectively.

Treasurer's report

The treasurer's summary (attached) shows the section to be sound financially. The executive board reaffirmed its approval of an audit. Doug Cameron will get a cost estimate for such an audit.


Ed Waali reviewed plans for the April 20, 1996 meeting in conjunction with MAS. He exhorted the board to enlist and encourage speakers. Flyers have been liberally distributed. Councilor Wyn Jennings will be invited to give the keynote address. All seems well.

Annual Report

Gary distributed copies of the 1995 annual report. The secretary has copies of that report, the 1993 and 1994 reports and executive board minutes for 1993 to date for distribution upon request.


There was substantial discussion of the award of handbooks to Chemistry Olympiad state finalists. The consensus is to continue the award. If there is a repeat winner, the section will award a year's subscription to Science News. It was also decided to award a handbook to winners of the five state science fairs (if chemistry). Only one handbook per project with group project participants deciding the final disposition of the award. As part of this discussion, it was the sense of the executive board that our education fund revenue is robust enough to sustain this expenditure.

National Tidbits

Gary Freebury described his "Sparkle" experience and reviewed nominations for other awards announced by the national office. The section is making no current nominations.

MAS and the new "Intermountain Journal of Science"

Doug Cameron, as deputized by MAS representatives, brought a request from MAS for financial support to launch the new journal. Statements to support the request were that MAS truly needed the help and that the ACS location section could fill in where we have failed to fully pay our share of annual meeting fees. Statements in opposition were that we do not want to assist in journal proliferation especially at this time and that we do not see this journal as representing the full scope of MAS activities. The board voted not to support the MAS venture.


Gary reminded us of application and reinstatement forms and gave each person a supply. A discussion of resigned and delinquent members ensued. We all should encourage reinstatements. The section has about 220 members now, up 12 from last year.

Student Affiliates

An extended discussion of student affiliates came to the conclusion that there are lots of ways for affiliates to participate in, and make money for activities but it takes focus and concerted effort to make their experiences meaningful. The section does appear to have strong groups in Missoula, Butte, Bozeman, and Billings. (The secretary will send info from the C&E News about Billings group and draft a letter of congratulations from the Section to them.) A unique function may be the analysis of hazardous waste samples by students. Butte has started to do this.

Nominations and Elections

Elections for 1995 are noted above. 1996 nominations will be done at or immediately after the Fall Social with elections to follow during Nov. 1996. Positions to be filled this year are chair-elect, secretary and councilor. (Let's try and find some really interested and competent people for multi-candidate races.)

Fall Social

The Fall Social will be on October 12, 1996. Anthony Trozzolo of Notre Dame will speak in the evening on solid state chemistry. The board urged the site to be Yellow Bay as the speaker is flying into Missoula and the Salmon Lake site is too problematic for this year.

Satellite Programs

The continuing ACS series of satellite programs was mentioned. While individually organized groups may usefully take part, the section will not be a location sponsor or supporter.

The meeting was called as 12:15 and adjourned at 2:30.