October 7th 1995 Executive Committee Minutes
Arnold Craig

Present: Gary Freebury (chair), Andrea Stierle, Joe Barlow, Arnold Craig

1. Secretary's report

The minutes of the April 1995 executive board meeting were distributed and approved as read. The results of the delayed ballot are: 21 ballots received, Gary Freebury was elected 1995 Chair- elect (he will be chair for a second consecutive year in 1996) and Arnold Craig was elected Secretary (for a two year term 1995 and 1996). Several people wrote comments on their ballots, mostly nice, which we appreciate. Alas, no volunteers emerged. A member requested more information about ACS sponsored scholarships and awards. The executive board will contact several ACS offices to get the best overview of such awards that we can. Doug Cameron suggested that we permanently place the names of our science olympiad finalists in the section's records. The letter specifying the 1995 winners is attached to these minutes. Elections for this year (see below) should include the chair-elect, treasurer and alternate councilor.

2. Treasurer's report

No report was available but the treasurer indicates the section's financial position is more robust than last year. The executive board approved a request of the treasurer to have an audit of the section's financial situation. This can be done at the treasurer's earliest convenience.

3. Councilor's report

Wyn Jennings has agreed to send a written report to be included in the newsletter/ballot mailing. The executive board confirmed Wyn to continue as councilor until his term is completed at the end of 1996.

4. Newsletter

Gary will discuss the newsletter production with Doug Coe. In any case, a newsletter will accompany the ballot mailing in November.

5. Awards

We will nominate Dick Holmquist for the James B. Conant award again. Materials must be sent in by December 1, 1995. Rebecca Flatmouth of Lodge Grass, currently enrolled in Little Bighorn College, received an ACS minority scholars' award. Gordon Hahn, high school teacher at Glasgow, won the polymer education award and was honored at the spring ACS meeting in Anaheim, CA. Gary reminded us that any membership nomination form that we see and/or sign should have the location section "bounty" claim filled in.

6. National Chemistry Week

National Chemistry Week this year is November 5-11. Andrea Stierle is the chair of that activity again. The national organization has not been very helpful and forthcoming as in past years. They are slow in responding to requests for materials.