April 8th 1995 Executive Committee Minutes
Arnold Craig

Present: Gary Freebury, Doug Cameron, Ed Waali, Doug Coe, Arnold Craig, Dick Holmquist, Lee Spangler, Todd Morstein.

Discussion of election situation. Ballot to go out with newsletter. Nominees are: Chair-elect Gary Freebury; Secretary Arnold Craig (Alternate Councilor Doug Coe if up for election).

The 1994 annual report should go to the executive board.

Treasurer's report (see attached).

Awards - $25 to each chemistry winner in the five state science fairs. (even group awards) Assent by the board.

Chemistry Olympiad (will continue to be sponsored by the section).

We expect a written councilor's report from Wyn Jennings.

The newsletter will be a one pager.

National Chemistry Week 1995 - Andrea Stierle chair

We should make an improvement in the student affiliate chapters.

Steve Parker - Montana Tech Garon Smith and Mark Cracolice - U of M Cyd McClure - MSU Bozeman Fall Social - Glacier Park - Gary

Publicity - sparkle - Gary

Secretary should carry out an analysis of the roster.