October 8th 1994 Executive Committee Minutes
Arnold Craig

Present: Mark Waddington, Keith Parker, Andrea Stierle, Gary Freebury, Arnold Craig, Don Stierle.

Craig was (mostly self-) reprimanded for not getting the handbooks to the finalists in the 1994 Chemistry Olympiad.

It was agreed that the elections would be held as follows:

  • The chair-elect and secretary positions are to be decided.

  • The nominating committee of Ed Waali, Andrea Stierle and Mark Waddington will provide the names for the ballot.

  • The ballot will be mailed on or before Nov. 23, 1994.

  • The ballots will be received during December consistent with ballot mailing.

    The treasurer's report (copy attached to these minutes) was received enthusiastically and the recommended transfer of funds to CD was approved by unanimous consent.

    Mark announced that there will be an ACS tour speaker, Dickel, "Molecules in Space" at MSU- Bozeman within the time March 6-11, 1995. He also recommended "volunteer" programs for the off-year National Chemistry Week. Order forms for materials were passed out. [Note added in compiling the minutes, some interest in the "Careers" and "Teaching" videos has been heard from MSU and Alan Eliason (Butte High School). The secretary will try to confirm and help arrange for presentation.]

    ACS related activities at the MSTA meeting in Billings are:

  • MSU-Billings student organization to present chemistry demonstrations.

  • Rate Process Workshop of the ACS co-sponsored Chemistry Concept Workshops.

  • E(nergy) Cubes (Sponsored by Exxon?)

  • USE of CBL interfaces with TI 82 calculators (to acquire and process data).

    It was proposed by Gary and agreed unanimously to support Dick Holmquist for the regional teaching award and potential James Bryan Conant award. Those of us who agreed to write in support should have our material to Gary by early November.

    The next Montana Academy of Sciences meetings are in Helena 1995 and Missoula 1996. We will plant a meeting-in-miniature for Missoula and robust support by means of paper presentation within the MAS framework at Helena. The oversight committee of the Chemistry Concept workshops will be invited to a public progress report presented either in the physical sciences section or the teaching of science section.