April 15th 1994 Executive Committee Minutes
Arnold Craig

Present: Wyn Jennings, Keith Parker, Doug Coe, Andrea Stierle, Don Stierle, Henry LaFever, Andy Valkenburg, Mark Waddington, Arnold Craig, Gray Freebury.

Secretary's report:

Balloting for chair-elect and treasurer. Ballots cast - 27. For chair-elect, Gary Freebury elected with 26 votes. For treasurer, Doug Cameron elected with 26 votes.

Eight handbooks to the finalists in the Chemistry Olympiad were authorized by unanimous consent. Five science fair prizes for the best chemistry project, one in each of the five state science fairs, were authorized by unanimous consent. Each prize to be a fifty dollar US savings bond (initial cost $25 each).

Councilor's report:

  • No dues increase
  • Some small journal increases
  • More industrial input.

    The fall social mailing should be by May 1994. The newsletter should be mailed by late summer 1994.

    Fall social authorized to be at Birch Creek. If congruent with Western's schedule, we prefer October 8.

    Cost of the Meeting-in-Miniature approved.

    The activity of the EMC student organization was described by Mr. LaFever. They presented eight chemistry magic shows to a variety of audiences during the past year.

    The chair proposed an outreach activity to be connected to the Fall MSTA association meeting in Billings. How shall we coordinate?

    Andy Valkenburg, Energy Laboratories, Billings, discussed industrial participation in the ACS local section. Discussion centered on an Industrial Chemistry course development.

    It was noted that we needed to find industry people who will get involved (perhaps use Internet). ACS must invite industry to get involved in meetings. We should create a section in newsletter for industry people and items.