October 9th 1993 Executive Committee Minutes
Arnold Craig

Present: W. Jennings, A. Stierle, D. Stierle, G. Freebury, A. Craig, D. Coe, M. Alexander, D. Cameron, K. Parker, G. Alexander.

Minutes of the previous executive board meeting (of 3/16/93) were accepted.

An ACS meeting-in-miniature will be held on April 16, 1994 in Butte in conjunction with the Montana Academy of Science meeting. Don Stierle volunteered to direct and produce.

The expertise directory is still in the production stage.

A vigorous discussion of the national office's activities, attitude, unreasonable demands, and lack of sensitivity to the local section needs. Many instances were cited and there is a building enthusiasm for a formal presentation to the national office.

The ever-increasing cost of journals and their presence in accreditation regulations was raised. The ACS section will participate in any plan (scheme) to benefit Montana institutions.

NCW news from Andrea - all manner of free material from the national office is available and will be distributed primarily through the MSTA convention in Great Falls later this month (October 1993). It was suggested and adopted that NCW activities in future include college area representatives, ideally students, from the six main campuses.

Elections should include a Chair-elect and the Treasurer.

Need to expand our newsletter effort.. include industry. Secretary is directed to get a list of industrial types and begin to establish contact by locality.

A motion by Gary Freebury to buy 8 handbooks for Chemistry Olympiad finalists was modified to five and passed. This year the extra three will be purchased by the Chemistry Concept Workshops grant which is cosponsored by the section. Gary also noted that the Chemistry Olympiad program is all volunteer and run at no cost to the section. He also suggested a Montana initiative that we create a small laboratory practical portion for the exam. Eisenhower funds may be a source for funding such an idea.

Councilor's Report:

  • ...Doug and Wyn picked up our third consecutive outstanding section and our NCW award at the fall ACS meeting.
  • ...Get in our next annual report (Jennings may have a bet on it).
  • ...Meetings dues are going up, but no real subscription increase.
  • ...Society election Rushton vs. Wheland (your choice, but vote).
  • ...Meeting registration may be by e-mail and/or ACSNet.

    The board by unanimous consent authorizes the treasurer to use his judgement in investing section funds in CD's.


  • Nominations for national recognition are solicited. Keith will appoint a nominator to write any required statements. Possible avenues for recognizing local teachers and/or schools were discussed. The awards committee will consider possible drafts for a mini-grant to Montana high schools.

  • The awards committee will solicit the Chemical Rubber Company to give handbook(s) to some Olympiad finalists. In any event, the executive committee authorized 8 handbooks for the 1993-4 Olympiad.

    The secretary has one further note which, out of context, has lost it original impact. "Editor for NSTA Science Teacher." Help anyone.

    The executive committee, on behalf of the section , extends its strong appreciation and thanks to Gil and Marilyn Alexander and the Canyon Ferry Limnological Institute for their generous hospitality in hosting the Fall social. Andrea Stierle deserves special recognition for her constant excellence as provisioner (Don helped immensely).

    And, finally, as you observed this fine establishment for improving science education and its magnificent location, please remember that it may be swallowed up and displaced by bureaucratic juggernauts. Please contact your representative and senators and apply some pressure.