March 16th 1993 Executive Committee Minutes
Arnold Craig

Present: Keith Parker, Mark Waddington, Andrea Stierle, Don Stierle, Doug Coe and Arnold Craig.

Mark Waddington reported on his attendance at the ACS local section officer's meeting. The most interesting tidbit; the bulletin board possibilities for local sections.

Considerable discussion ensued concerning the local section and individual members' relationship to the national office. There is consensus that it is not a level two-way street (to add metaphors together). Andrea is still pondering the appropriate clarion call to the miscreants in DC.

Do we need a current members "needs and feelings" survey? No definite answer agreed to.

There is a target date of June 1, 1993 for the new directory of expertise.

Several activities were reviewed:

  • The Montana Academy of Sciences meeting is April 16 in Helena. We are not scheduled to have a meeting-in-miniature, and we won't.

  • National Chemistry Week--we will try to enlist CheMST and major schools under a single coordinator. (Secretary's note: Andrea seems to be stuck again.) There was sentiment to ask the national office to move NCW to spring.

  • Fall Social -- tentative plans are to have the social at Canyon Ferry Limnological Institute on Oct. 9 with an ACS speaker. (Note 2: all this came exactly true.)

    Awards Committee recommended that we recognize the regional and state science fairs. Unanimous consent was given by buy five fifty dollar savings bonds for prized for the vest chemistry project (one at each fair). The prizes will be awarded as judged by competent chemist(s) [a local ACS member or their designees] and the prize does not have to be awarded.

    The chair requested that we endorse the E(xpand) Y(our) H(orizons) program and make a donation. After considerable discussion of the program, particularly it's high cost/participant ratio, an endorsement only was extended.

    Communication from Gary Freebury notified us that Montana was allowed to select eight Chemistry Olympiad finalists in 1993. As we had agreed tentatively to buy Chemistry handbooks for them, the increased number incited painful discussion. Finally it was agreed with no dissent to purchase four handbooks at $40+ dollars each to distribute and worry about the shortfall later. (Note 3: Is our title executive board or congress?) (Note 4: Late breaking events will ease our pain.)

    It was moved to establish a $200 Ann Bowler Memorial Scholarship to benefit a student of Chemistry in Montana. Fuzziness in the details resulted in the referral to the awards committee for a draft proposal.

    It was moved to support the Rocky Mountain Chemistry chairs conference at Missoula by a donation of $100 dollars. Vigorous debate ensured. The vote, carefully taken, was yea 3, nay 2 (one person abstained).

    The meeting adjourned with a call for an executive board meeting in June in Bozeman.

    No formal executive board meeting occurred in June, but Keith Parker, Andrea Stierle and Don Stierle, met informally. Later at the Organic Symposium, Keith Parker and Wyn Jennings discussed some support from the local section for the Symposium.

    Andrea produced the Fall Social brochure, and it was mailed from the section home office in late September.

    Looking for substantial additions, corrections or other body blows.