April 16th 2005 Executive Committee Minutes

Stephanie Hurst, Secretary

The Executive Committee of the Montana Section of the American Chemical Society met on April 16th at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. 

2004 Local ACS officers                                2005 New local ACS Officers

Chair:               Dick Homquist             Earle Adams

Secretary:         Andrea Stierle                          Stephanie Hurst

Treasurer:         Doug Cameron             Anthony Haag

Chair Elect:       Earle Adams                             Kyle Strode

Councillor:        Doug Coe                                Cyd McClure


Councillor:        Gary Freebury                          Doug Coe

Events Chair:    Andrea Steirle                          Andrea Steirle


Newsletter:       Doug Coe                                Doug Coe


The meeting was opened at 4:30 PM as part of the agenda for the Spring Meeting-in-Miniature.


Specific Discussion Items


1) Treasurer’s Report

Doug Cameron presented the current financial position of the branch and officially transferred the Treasurer’s position to Tony Haag.



2) Old Business report was given by Doug Cameron

The 2004 Financial report indicated the branch was in a sound financial position with approximately $19,700 in the savings account. A discussion of recent revenues (NORM conference) and expenses (ACS Leadership conference) was given.



4) Proposed changes to the savings account.

Tong Haag the incoming Treasurer indicated that placing the bulk of the branch funds in an MBNA/ACS money market account would return 2.5% interest per annum. Keeping $2000 in the branch checking account would allow for payment of expenses.

This was approved by the board.



5) Collection of Branch Dues

The question as to whether to continue collecting branch dues at the State level was discussed. The discussion ended with a consensus to continue collecting State level dues since this was considered one way members could contribute to their local ACS section.



3) Meeting In Miniature Student Awards


The winners of the students awards for best presentation were announced. The winners received travel vouchers of up to $500 value for attendance at a scientific meeting of their choice.


Undergraduate Winner:        

Camden Driggers of MSU (Bozeman) (Prof. M. Teintze)


Graduate winners:

David Schwab of MSU (Bozeman) (Prof. R. Szilagyi)

Matt Shipmann of MSU (Bozmena) (Prof. E. Dratz)



6) Discussion  of Location, Date and Speaker for the Fall Social

Much discussion centred around finding speakers for campus events and for the Fall social. A list of the 2005 Rocky Mountains speaker circuit was provided, and discussed in relationship to events occurring in September and October.

Alternative speakers who were suggested included: LeRoy hood, Eric Schneider and John Conline (CSU).


It was decided that a location and date should be finalized before selection of the speaker could proceed. The anticipated date was expected to be in September 2005. Discussion continued on the location, some preference was directed towards Yellowstone Park or Boulder Hot Springs.


A joint meeting with the Idaho and Wyoming branches was suggested by Doug Coe.



7) ACS Innovation Grant

Earle and Kyle indicated that we were awaiting the outcome of an ACS Innovation Grant. This was for improving chemistry education in the Tribal colleges to assist in curriculum development to better prepare students for introductory chemistry at Montana universities. A decision on funding for the grant was expected in June.


It was decided that if funded was approved, that a test project with 1 or 2 Tribal colleges would be the initial first step before attempting to bring this to all the Tribal Colleges



8) Request for Funding for Teachers Workshop

Steve Eversoll (a Montana high school teacher) approached the board previously to seek funding from the Branch for a workshop for high school chemistry teachers. The object of this workshop would be to pick an area of the chemistry curriculum and demonstrate to teachers the best way to teach it.

A copy of his budget proposal was given to each of the board members (requested amount was $4,425). After discussion it was agreed that the proposal deserved further consideration, but that it lacked a specific focus and that an ACS Innovation Grant might provide seed funding for a trial. It was decided that we would work with Steve Eversoll to more fully define the aims and objectives of the proposal and to suggest funding sources.




9) National Chemistry Week.

Discussion centred around National Chemistry week (16th – 22nd October 2005) and the overlap with events on the University calendars. Yom Kippur is the week before, Homecoming games were UM (1st October), MTech (8th October), MSU ()



10) Regional Science Fair.

The “Weird Science Guys” who are two Chicago chemistry teachers (Lee Marek and Bob Lewis) who performed at the Regional Science Fair in Butte Montana in April 2005. The event was very well attended (estimated at +350 people), and very well received. It was discussed as to getting them to perform at other Montana events. The cost was about $1000, with Dick Holmquist providing room and board for the teachers.


It was decided give this further discussion at the Fall Social.



11) Chemistry Olympiad

The number of Montana finalists was increased to 10 (maximum of two per school). By providing for two extra $50 prizes for 9th and 10th place respectively, leading to a total prize pool of $300. The prizes would only be awarded if the students went to the National competition. In addition, it was suggested that a school subscription to the Journal of Chemical education or a ChemMatters CD-ROM could be presented as a prize. Discussion were undertaken to assess the subscription costs. Gary Freebury noted that student participation in the Montana Science Olympiad had been decreasing over recent years.



12) Crystal Growing Competition.


The winner (and sole entry) for the 2005 crystal growing competition was Stephanie Livers of Sidney High School. She was presented with her $100 prize at the meeting of the Montana Academy of Sciences in March 2005. It was suggested that the competition should be extended to the Grade school level. A prize pool of $100 for 1st Place, $75 for 2nd Place, $50 for 3rd place was suggested. It was suggested that all entrants receive a prize of some description, possibly a t-shirt. A possible standard material for crystal growth was suggested as potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP). This is a non-toxic material commonly used for laser frequency doubling applications.


13) Councillors report


Cyd McClure gave the Councillors report including an overview of he experiences at the 229th National ACS meeting.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.