October 25th, 2003 Executive Committee Minutes

Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana

Andrea Stierle

Executive Board members present: chair-Donna Minton, chair-elect - Dick Holmquist, treasurer -Doug Cameron, councilor - Doug Coe, safety, high school outreach - Gary Freebury, secretary, events chair - Andrea Stierle.

Chair Donna Minton opened the meeting at 8:00AM.

The minutes of the April 12th meeting at Montana State University were read and approved.

Doug Cameron gave the treasurer’s report.

In checking we have -- $24,000

From the NORM meeting:

Income ---$26,900

Debits --- $16,628

BALANCE --- $10,271

Money market --- $22,638

Our bank is charging a high service fee ($50.00) at Wells Fargo. Should we change banks? General discussion ensued and Board agreed unanimously to authorize Doug to change banks.

Discussion concerning our tax filing status followed. Doug assured the Board that he does NOT need to file state or Federal Income tax. Dick Holmquist was unsure - as part of MSTA he filed state form every other year.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report - approved and seconded

Councilor’s report - Doug did not attend New York ACS mtg. Cyd was notified and did not attend either. Doug commented that the membership actually voted to increase dues.

Last year’s annual report - Donna had one present, which Doug Coe placed on the Website. He reminded us of the Website contents.

Election & term limits --- we are limited to 2 x 2 year terms --- Doug Cameron and Andrea BOTH served 5 terms!!

Doug Coe moved that we “table” the concern for the short term.

Make this concern known to the membership as we ask for nominations.

The secretary will send out an emailing to all members on-line soliciting nominations for Secretary and chair-elect.

Discussion of possible Tour speaker circuit.

Could be patterned after University of Montana lecture series. It would be designed to attract a larger community-wide audience. A speaker committee formed with members

Donna Garton - MSU; Doug Coe - MT Tech; Dick Holmquist - UM Missoula. Holmquist

Chemical Safety Handbook update - Gary Freebury wants to send out 192 safety handbooks to schools. The Executive Board wants to look at it first before we send it out

§ Is it a good handbook?

§ Do we want to invest in it?

Dick and Gary were going to look at the copy to see if it is appropriate.

Discussion of criteria for student awards at spring - meeting - in - miniature

§ Get it all in one session?

§ We’re already beyond one session

§ Have someone sitting in the session to nominate the best and literally enter into a lottery

Spring - Meeting in Miniature at Carroll College Spring 2004. - backup in Butte.

What is the date ??

Posters on the Hill - keep an ACS presence !! Buy poster boards

Fall Social 2004 - Matt Long Big Sky Brewery - has already agreed to participate. Yellow Bay, Luebrecht?

Chem Olympiad --- 1000 students participated --- Steve Eversall is in charge. It will cost $680 for 20 handbooks. Discussion about award followed. Would scholarships be better? How about the top 8 student receive $250 scholarships to Montana schools

§ We need to get the CHEMST participants and student affiliates to these meetings. We need to revitalize.CHEMST.

§ Additional topics --- helping high schools deal with toxic waste

§ Reinact the crystal growing contest --- get out the announcement in Aug. & in MSTA Fall Newsletter.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM