April 13th, 2002 Executive Committee Minutes

Montana Tech, Butte, Montana

Andrea Stierle

As part of Spring Meeting in Miniature:

Board Members present:  Steve Holmgren-chair; Cyd McClure- past-chair; Donna Minton – chair-elect; Andrea Stierle-secretary and Events chair; Gary Freebury – high school outreach and safety chair.Doug Coe-Councilor;  Don Stierle-past chair and NORM program co-chair.

Steve Holmgren welcomed the Board and thanked Montana Tech and Events co-chairs Don and Andrea Stierle for organizing the event and Doug Coe for coordinating the abstracts.  He congratulated Donna Minton as our newly elected chair-elect.

Andrea gave the treasurer’s report for Doug Cameron and reported that, as usual, the section was doing very well. 

Councilor Doug Coe reported from the Orlando ACS meeting.  Several items are related to MACS members and Doug reported those items at our Board meeting. (For a more complete synopsis of the councilor’s report, please check the MACS website. Andrea)

The Council voted on the following actions:

Two petitions were on the agenda for consideration at the Orlando meeting:

Annual Report:  Cyd McClure commented that the Annual Report had not yet been filed.  She indicated that there was no penalty for this delayed submission, but that our money would be held up a little.

Chemical Safety Handbooks:   Steve and Gary suggested that the MACS send Chemical Safety Handbooks through OPI to all of the high schools in the state.  Doug Coe would obtain one copy first for our perusal at the Fall meeting.  If the Board approves, Andrea would coordinate the dissemination of these handbooks to all of the high schools and ACS would pay for the shipping.

Meeting- in-Miniature 2003:   Steve suggested that the next meeting in miniature be scheduled at Carroll College. (note from Sec. – Carroll College did not think they would be ready to host Spring 2003, but they would be open to hosting future Spring meetings.  The Spring 2003 meeting will be held at Montana Tech.)  The National Meeting is scheduled for March 23rd  - 27th, and with spring breaks, etc., next year’s MACS meeting will probably be held at approximately the same time.

NORM 2003:  Time to REALLY get moving on NORM.

·        Ed Rosenberg and Don Stierle have agreed to be program chairs.  Neither Don nor Ed could attend the NORM planning meeting.  Don actually made three attempts to get there, but a huge snow storm made air travel from Butte impossible.   The Board thought we should development a series of symposia for the NORM meeting.  Suggested topics included --- ACID MINE DRAINAGE; HIGH SCHOOL TEACHING STRATEGIES, NATURAL PRODUCTS, BIOINORGANIC CHEMISTRY, NANOTECHNOLOGY, UNDERGRADUATE SYMPOSIUM

·        Cyd McClure will ask John Nagy of Oligocide  to be the exhibit chair.  Cyd promised to obtain necessary budget information to help us with the planning. 

Chemistry Olympiad: Gary commented that most High School teachers do not apply to ACS.  We should give the ACS High School exam to all high school teachers for their use.

Winning Presenters for Spring ACS:  Eric Woller, MSU and Mike Vanatta, Carroll College.