September 22nd, 2001 Executive Committee Minutes

Montana Tech, Butte, Montana

Andrea Stierle

The Executive Board of the Montana Section of the American Chemical Society met at September 22nd, 2002 Fall Social at Mammoth Hot Springs.  Board Members present: Cyd McClure-chair; Steve Holmgren-chair-elect; Andrea Stierle-secretary; Doug Cameron-treasurer; Doug Coe-Councilor; Don Stierle-past chair

Treasurer Doug Cameron reported that the section was doing very well. We had a net gain of $1400 (which would be lost once Andrea turned in receipts for Fall Social!) with $22,229 in a money market and $5935.60 in cash.

Councilor Doug Coe reported from the Chicago ACS meeting:

Cyd began the meeting by thanking the Stierles for organizing the meeting.

1.     They must be currently teaching at least 1 period of chemistry.

2.     They must be a current member of the CHMst organization which is an affiliate of the Montana           Section of ACS.

3.     They must have their students participate in the Montana Chemistry Olympiad.

The recipient will receive two years of membership in the National ACS and 2 years subscription to the Journal of Chem Ed. In addition to this they will be expected to particpate in a program with the Montana Section of ACS. The Board concurred that these were reasonable guidelines.