February  3rd 2001 Executive Committee Minutes

Montana Tech, Butte, Montana

Andrea Stierle

Montana Local ACS Section Executive Committee Meeting


1. Secretary's report, approval of minutes

2. Councilor's report

3. Treasurer's report

4. Chair's report

5. Assessment of Fall Social at Yellowbay

6. Spring "Meeting-in-miniature" - when and where?

7. NORM 2003.

8. High School issues

9. ChemDemo with Household Chemicals Exchange session at San Diego meeting for Student affiliates.

Executive Board members present: Cyd McClure-chair; Steve Holmgren-chair-elect; Doug Cameron-treasurer; Doug Coe-councilor; Don Stierle- past-chair; Andrea Stierle-secretary

The eternal discussion ensued -- how do we get more members to participate in ACS events? The Fall Socials are probably our most successful event of the year, and they only draw 30-40 people every year. Considering Montana's large geographical size and small population, this is probably a respectable turnout. Other ideas included joint meetings and guest speakers with other societies such as Sigma Xi; annual or biannual tours at Chemistry-related sites. Ideas included tours of ASIMI in Butte, the Stillwater Mine, Museum of the Rockies, breweries. It was also suggested that new committees be created that actually promote membership and involvement.

Gary then gave a history of ACS outreach to Chemistry teachers, citing in particular, Arnold Craig's Eisenhower and NSF grants to provide content-based courses for teacher enrichment. These courses brought many teachers together and helped them get over their embarrassment or discomfort with taking chemistry courses. Can we do something similar to what Arnold did?

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM