September  30th 2000 Executive Committee Minutes

Yellow Bay, Flathead Biological Station, Flathead Lake, Montana

Andrea Stierle

Chair Mark Cracolice presiding; members present: Don Stierle, past chair; Cyd McClure, chair-elect & alternate councilor; Andrea Stierle, secretary; Doug Coe, councilor; and Gary Freebury, high school relations.

Mark opened the meeting at 2:45 PM as part of the agenda for the Fall Social. Mark started the meeting by thanking the members of the Board for their attendance. Andrea and Don were thanked for organizing the meeting. Doug Coe was also thanked for his continuing efforts to maintain the local section ACS website.

This year's Social is at Yellow Bay on Flathead Lake. The format is a little different and the subject is fermentation science --- yes, BREWING BEER! It is a gorgeous setting, especially as the autumn leaves are cooperating, even if the weather is not. There is no poster session at this Social. Instead, Mark Cracolice enlisted the aid of a local (Missoula) brewmeister to discuss the brewing process and to provide samples of some made in Montana natural products.

Councilors’ report – Doug Coe - see Website for full report.  Doug lead the Western Regional Councilor's Caucus on Sunday and represented the Montana Section at the Council Meeting on Wednesday morning at the 220th National ACS Meeting in Washington, D.C.

   Several petitions were considered by the Council:

Treasurer's report: Doug Coe reported for Doug Cameron who could not be present.– see Website





    The Spring 2001 Meeting-in-Miniature will be held at Montana Tech the first weekend in March, March 3, 2001. It is Montana State University's turn to host the meeting, and Cyd McClure offered to organize the abstracts if Don and Andrea will again organize the on-site meeting. This was agreeable to all. Again there will be student sessions with prizes for the best presentations (travel stipends). But these will be decided at the winter board meeting (February ?)


    The Chem Olympiad, an intensive exam offered to high school students nationally, has been used in Montana for several years to help teachers assess their effectiveness in teaching chemical principles to their students. Gary Freebury reported that in many instances, the Olympiad has provided good feedback to teachers. For the past several years, the local ACS has awarded CRC Handbooks to the top scoring students throughout the state. Gary was concerned that participation in the contest was low. Karen Spencer is now in charge of the program, and Gary was going to discuss it with her.

    Gary also discussed the idea of the amnesty program for High School teachers that was originally suggested at the April meeting. He requested that the Montana ACS provide lobby support for teachers with the legislature. Gary was going to check into the process.

    C.   NORM 2003

    Cyd McClure will Chair the NORM 2003 meeting which will be held in Bozeman on the MSU campus. Cyd will check availability of space and rooms, etc., but felt that the lead time (3 years) was sufficient. We still must decide on the dates for the meeting, which is usually held in late June. The Board agreed that this was a good time for the meeting, which would be scheduled for Thursday - Saturday. Gary Freebury suggested the inclusion of a High School Symposium in the meeting agenda. Cyd will be creating a NORM 2003 committee in the not too distant future to provide a planning body for the meeting. Don Stierle suggested that Cyd enlist other chemists from MSU who are "silent" members of ACS to participate in planning and running the meeting. The Board thanked Cyd for volunteering to chair this event and offered its full support. Cyd was also trying to enlist attendees at the NORM 2000 meeting in Idaho Falls.

    D.  ELECTIONS 2000

    Board members agreed to begin finding candidates for treasurer and chair-elect. Andrea thought Doug Cameron would be agreeable to running again for this position. Cyd thought that Steve Holmgren would agree to running for chair-elect. Andrea promised to get the ballot together and mailed as soon as Steve confirmed his willingness to run for office.

    NOTE: Elections were held by mailed ballot in December. There was one candidate for each position -- Doug Cameron (Montana Tech) for Treasurer, Steve Holmgren (Montana State University) for Chair-elect. With 27 members voting, each candidate won by a veritable landslide.


    Gary Freebury reported that several issues and topics were discussed in the ACS Website (


    Gary Freebury had several excellent suggestions for ways in which the Montana ACS can outreach to the high schools. He cited a story in C&E News about a University of Virginia traveling chemistry van ($750,000) that traveled throughout the state of Virginia providing a "hands-on" chemistry experience. Perhaps a bit too rich for the Montana economy, it provided some good discussion nonetheless. Gary also suggested that the colleges provide "chemical amnesty" for the high schools and help them to get rid of them safely, and without cost to the high schools. Other Board members responded that chemical waste, particularly hazardous waste, is very expensive to dispose of, and in many cases the colleges should not assume the liability incurred by the high schools. Gary did not want the colleges to deal with hazardous waste directly, but rather to help the high schools find new owners for chemicals that were no longer needed or wanted by the teachers.


Cyd McClure suggested that the local section sponsor two ACS career workshops, in Missoula and Bozeman, for ACS members. The national ACS offers these workshops to the local sections for $350 per day. The Board agreed that this would be a good idea