August 1999 Councilor's Report
Doug Coe

Your Councilor voted for a by-law amendment that will make it easier for Local Sections and Divisions to develop affiliations with other groups. The amendment passed.

Your Councilor voted to change the name of the Committee on Nomenclature to the Committee on Nomenclature, Terminolgy, and Symbols. The proposed name change passed.

Your Councilor voted for a change in the charge to the Committee on Public Relations that effectively broadened its duties. This change passed. Subsequently your Councilor voted to change the status of the Committee on Public Relations from an Other Council Committee to a Joint Board-Council Committee to be known as the Committee on Public Relations and Communications. This change in status and name passed.

Your Councilor voted to have the Committee on Publications assume the duties of the Committee on Copyrights and to discharge the Committee on Copyrights. This subsuming of one committee by another passed.

Your Councilor voted against (no he doesn't vote for everything) a by-law amendment that would have increased the regional population variance from 10% to 15%. If this amendment had passed there would have been no need to change Regional boundaries to insure approximately equal populations among the ACS Regions. To this Councilor increasing the variance to 15% moved too far away from the one member one vote tenet of a demoncratic process. The amendment failed.

Subsequently your Councilor voted for shifting the Regional affiliation of 20 Local Sections in order to maintain the 10% maximum variance in Regional populations. This amendment passed. Region VI in which we reside decreased from 26,942 members to 23,608 members, largely as a result of shifting the Colorado Section with 2,262 members to Region V.

Your Councilor voted for a by-law change allowing annual memberships to begin at the time of application and run for one year, rather than begin the following January and end the following December 31st. The amendment passed.

Your Councilor also voted for a by-law change attaching a surcharge to foreign memberships to cover the cost of delivering Chemical and Engineering News. The amendment passed.

ACS President Edel Wasserman testified against the release of federally funded preliminary and raw research data to the public.

The ACS Board of Directors has agreed to create an Office of Graduate Education (~ cost = $170,000), conduct a census every 5 years of employment among chemical professionals (~ cost = $135,000), and commision an opinion poll (~ cost = $59,000).

ACS is constructing a 2 story 19,000 ft2 building for Chemical Abstracts Service in Columbus, Ohio. On-line journals supported by ACS will now have references that are active links to other ACS on-line journals.

ACS is considering doubling the councilor subsidy to $2,000 for attending two meetings and $1,000 for attending one meeting. The 75% reimbursement of councilor costs of attending meetings, up to the maximum listed above, is now tied to an inflation escalator. A common comment at the meeting was that how can we increase councilor subsidies at a time when we are cutting funds from other ACS programs, e.g., the phasing in of cost increases for undergraduates to register at National Meetings. How do you feel about this issue?

The Committee on Education publically opposed the decision by the Kansas Board of Education to eliminate the teaching of evolution and the big bang theory from the classroom. This Committee is also considering developing a list of the greatest science and engineering contributions to society as part of its year 2000 activities and is also considering developing a document with the American Physical Sociey on What is Science.

Finally at the Western Region Councilor's Caucus, your Councilor was elected Chair of this group for the next year , representing the 23,608 ACS members mentioned above.