August 1998 Councilor's Report
Doug Coe

Your councilor voted for a change in the language on Corporation Associate Dues that would restrict the use of these dues to programs that serve the interests of industrial chemical scientists and improve the image of chemistry.

Your councilor voted for another change in the language on Corporation Associate Dues that gives more flexibility to the Board of Directors in deciding whether to terminate a Corporate Associate when they are in arrears on their dues.

Your councilor voted for the continuation of the Committee on Chemical Safety as recommended by the Committee on Committees.

Your councilor voted for the formation of the Probationary Division of Toxicology and their associated by-laws.

Your councilor voted for the 6th Edition of the Professional Employment Guidelines. There was some concern that these guidelines might be difficult for small chemical employers to meet. This concern was countered with the argument that the guidelines are not mandatory and only represent standards that employers should strive toward.

The Committee on Nominations and Elections is considering a change in the regional boundaries for the purpose of maintaining regional populations at +/- 10% of the average regional population (22,957 members) as required by ACS by-laws and insuring approximate balance in electing regional directors. The problem exists in region I which has too few members (19,943 members). This will affect Region VI in which the Montana Section resides and which is the most populous region (25,225 members) by shifting the Colorado section to Region V for the purpose of electing a regional director. The Colorado Section is opposed to this change and the issue may come to a vote at a future councilor meeting. Let me know if you have opinions on this issue. This committee is also evaluating electronic balloting with the Division of Inorganic Chemistry using it as a trial this year.

The Society Committee on Budget and Finance recommended that the 1999 dues be set at $105. This committee also reported an $880,000 decrease in unrestricted assets as result of expenditures in information technology.

The Education Committee noted that an internet course on The Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data is now available. This committee is also wrestling with the definition of scholarship for chemists as well as considering a policy position on the California elementary school science standards. The Board of Directors has approved a 2nd Congressional Fellowship, which places an ACS member in the office of a Senator, Representative, or Congressional Committee, beginning in the Fall of 1999. The Board also announced a long-term care plan starting in January of 1999, which will be eligible to members and their families from 18 to 84 years in age and which will be tax qualified, flexible, and will have reasonable premiums. A plan to provide members with professional liability insurance is also being investigated.

The governing Board on Publishing announced a plan to link CAS databases directly to the on-line full text journal articles, when possible. In June CAS registered its 18 millionth chemical substance. Two new journals, Organic Letters and the Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, and one new magazine, Modern Drug Discovery, were approved.