October 1997 Councilor's Report
Doug Coe

Your Counselor voted YES on a petition to revise the duties of the Committee on Membership Affairs to better reflect the actual practice of this committee. The petition passed unanimously.

Your Counselor voted YES on a petition from the Memphis section to annex neighboring counties in Tennessee and Arkansas. The petition passed unanimously.

Your Counselor voted YES to bring for consideration a petition which would give the Committee on Local Section Activities the power to recommend "for good and sufficient reason" the dissolution of a local section, the combination of local sections, or the creation of local sections.

There were approximately 9,000 attendees at the Las Vegas meeting (down from the ~ 18,000 at the San Francisco meeting - am I surprised?). Member advance registration fee for the 1998 meetings will be $225. The multiple year payment of dues is also being considered.

The most contentious issue at the meeting revolved around what stand to take, if any, on Immigration Policy. The ACS concerns stem from the large percentages of foreign students in US graduate schools that subsequently move into either a series of postdoctoral positions and/or find work in chemical industry under some type of temporary visa. At the ACS Board of Directors meeting in Elkridge, Maryland on June 7, 1997, the Task Force on Immigration Policy was still working on drafting a policy for the Las Vegas meeting. At the Las Vegas meeting the Committee on Science was not in favor of a proposal to have ACS ask the Immigration Service to enforce current immigration law with respect to foreign students working after completing their degree. The Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs on the other hand was in favor of this proposal. We were asked in the Western Regional Officers Caucus endorse this proposal, but yours truly asked for more information before making any endorsement and that request resulted in the Caucus not reaching any decision. If you would like to give me your views on the controversial topic, please send me an e-mail (include your e-mail address).

The ACS has developed the Herbert C. Brown Award for Creative Research in Synthetic Methods sponsored by Aldrich Chemical Co. and the Purdue Borane Research Fund. The 1st $5,000 award was presented to Herbert C Brown, himself, a Nobel Laureate from Purdue University.

The ACS had a net increase in unrestricted assets of $920,000 for the year ending December 31, 1996. Most of this increase is due to favorable performances by Chemical Abstracts ($402,000) and the Publications Division ($719,000).

The ACS has helped the EPA establish and implement new Green Chemistry Awards for innovations in environmentally friendly chemistry.

The Environmental Improvement Committee has established a two new committees 1) to develop and publish guidelines for the confirmation of organic compound identification and 2) to develop guidelines for the validation of organic compound analytical procedures.

Chemical Abstracts has developed STN Easy on the WEB to facilitate on-line searching of CA, Registry, and CIN files. The after peak hours only service is offered at a 90% discount to undergraduate only institutions (subscription to the paper copy is not required) and at an 80% discount to post-gradudate (subscription to the paper copy is required). An academically priced version of SciFinder, SciFinder Scholar, is in the works.

In 1996 Chemical Abstracts Service registered 1,200,000 new compounds (amazing!) and added 700,000 abstracts to CA.

Internet versions of all ACS journals are now available and can be accessed for free for a short time at the ChemCenter WEB site, The publication date for these journal articles will be the WEB posting date. The pricing of these electronic journals is still to be determined. Chemical Abstracts Service and the Publications Division is working on a venture called Pubway, which will provide access to multiple vendors of electronic journals.

ChemCenter continues to be a popular site to find information with, e.g., over 100,000 hits on the WEB based ACS Job Bank. There are plans to make the ACS Directory of Graduate Research available over the internet.

The average members price of an ACS Journal is $64 ($943 institutional) with a range in subscription prices from free, Chemical and Engineering News, ($147 institutional) to $144, Journal of Physical Chemistry, ($2,150 institutional). This represents an average increase over 1997 prices of 3.4% (9.4% institutional).

The Committee on Professional Training reviewed 310 of the 616 ACS approved chemistry programs recommending 1 of 16 new applicants for an approved program, placing 12 programs on probation, continuing four other programs on probation, and removing two programs from probation. The Committee took the initial steps to require 3 credit hours of biochemistry for an approved program.