April 1997 Councilor's Report
Doug Coe

The Council voted (your councilor voted yes on this) to establish a Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications to assume all governing and monitoring functions of the current Society Committee on Publications. Editorial functions will remain with the current Society Committee on Publications. This action was prompted by the need to be able to respond more rapidly to the increasingly competitive publishing environment and the changes inherent in digital publishing technology. For example the publication of books by ACS has been running an ~ $1M deficit per year for the last 5 years! Overall, however, ACS publications is $920,000 in the black. A major new venture is the development of a Chemistry in a Biological Context textbook for a science majors introductory chemistry course.

A By-Law amendment that would have reduced the ACS dues for academic post-docs by 50% for up to three years immediately following the granting of their doctoral degree was tabled. One argument against this reduction noted that there are a number of baccalaureate chemists who do not make as much as academic post-docs. Your councilor was prepared to vote no on this amendment.

A By-Law allowing for the removal of a Section Official for neglect of duties or actions injurious to the Society was passed (your councilor voted for this By-law, since it didn't apply to Councilors). The formal procedure for this action can be initiated by 5 voting members of the Section by submitting a written statement of the charges and supporting evidence to the Chair or Chair-Elect of the Section as appropriate.

A By-Law amendment to revise the duties of the Committee on Membership Affairs to better reflect their actual business passed (your councilor voted for this).

ACS dues for 1998 broke the $100 barrier and will be $102. Dues are calculated as follows:

1997 dues x (1996 consumer price index / 1995 consumer price index)
= $99.00 x 1.0328 = $102.25

ACS spent $713,000 last year developing its ChemCenter WEB page. There were 32,000 hits on the registration page for the San Francisco meeting. In 1996 8,000 ACS members per month were contacting the on-line ACS Job Bank and 7,000 ACS WEB pages were being viewed per day.

In 1996 ACS membership was 152,346 up from 151,523 in 1995. There were 17,159 attendees (including vendors) at the San Francisco meeting. ACS has 9,000 undergraduate members and 1,500 of them attended the San Francisco meeting with 500 of these giving presentations.

The Committee on Nomenclature continues to support the Seaborgium, Sg, as the name for element 106 and has conveyed this support to IUPAC.

Two ACS sections forfeited their annual allotments by not filing annual reports. Fortunately and miraculously we were not among them!