August 2006 Alternate Councilor's Report
Doug Coe

The American Chemical Society's 232th National Meeting was held in San Francisco from September 10th - September 14th, 2006.   The 15,603 registrants at this meeting including 3350 students.

A Chemical & Engineering News Article summarizing ACS Council and other ACS governance issues can be found at ACS Board, Council Focus On The Future.

The following recommendation was up for action at this meeting:

Three petitions are up for consideration, which means they will be voted on at a future meeting:

If you have opinions on any of these pending petitions, please give that to your councilor.

The Membership Affairs Committee recommended the following (suggested by Governance Review Task Force):

These changes will require by-law changes in most sections and divisions of the Society. The Membership Affairs Committee did not agree with the suggestion of the Governance Review Task Force that postdoctoral fellows be eligible for the student discount.

A positive financial outlook for the Society will result in no increase in the cost of registration for the next National ACS Meeting in Chicago.

The spring 2007 Chicago meeting will focus around the theme of water, food, and energy sustainability.

The Committee on Local Section Activities distributed $142K in 2006 through the Local Section Innovative Projects Grant Program to 56 projects from among 68 proposals. The Montana ACS has benefited from some of this money in recent years.

The ACS is working on streamlining the Visa letter process so that international scientists can attend national meetings more easily.

The Committee on Science will be hosting programs on STEM cells, Edge in a Flat World, and Transitioning Science to Technology at the Boston Meeting.

Note of interest: Three of the last four presidents of the ACS have been women!