April 2004 Councilor's Report
Doug Coe

Note:  The Montana Section did not send a representative to Council at the American Chemical Society's 226th National Meeting that was held in New York.

The American Chemical Society's 227th National Meeting was held in Anaheim from March 27th - April 2nd, 2004.   The theme of this meeting centered on nanotechnology. 

The following petitions were presented for consideration at this meeting:

Fully certified, licensed, or otherwise qualified as pre-college teacher of chemistry or an allied science plus three years of employment as a chemistry teacher.

A fully certified, licensed, or otherwise qualified as pre-college teacher of chemistry or an allied science would be eligible for Associate Membership.

This petition is designed to welcome and provide a place for pre-college chemistry teachers in the ACS.

Partnership with the the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE):

The big news at the meeting was the possibility (likely) of partnering with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).  AIChE, whose finances were largely dependent on publications revenue, was hard hit by the down turn in the economy in 2000-2002.  They have since put themselves in somewhat better financial shape by reducing their staff by 2/3!  AIChE, who split from the ACS in 1908 over programming issues, has approximately 45,000 members (8,000 of whom are also members of ACS), a $20M annual budget (the ACS annual budget is ~ $400M), and annual dues of $199.  The partnership would not be a merger or acquisition and each society would retain its own Board of Directors.  The partnership would evolve on three levels; (1) programmatic (a lot of programming is already shared between the societies), and subsequently and simultaneously (2) membership and (3) operational.  This would have a major impact on the ACS.  Most of the discussion reflected cautious support for this potential partnership.

Other Council Items at the Anaheim Meeting:

The Petition for Division and Local Section Funding that was discussed in the previous Councilor's Report has been passed by the membership of the ACS.

The dues rate for 2005 has been set at $120 x 1.028 (CPI-W index escalator) = $123.  Your Councilor voted for this dues increase.

F Sherwood Rowland, Isiah M. Warner, and E. Ann Naley (petition candidate) will stand for election as President Elect of the ACS.

The Committee on Education (SOCED) has published Chemistry, a textbook aimed at the mainstream chemistry student.  SOCED also plans to develop a statement on the teaching of evolution. 

The ACS through the Council on Committees is considering establishing an Ethics Committee.

The Division of Laboratory Automation (LAVA) has been dissolved (appropriate chemistry terminology).

At the end of 2003 membership in the ACS was 159,332.


Unemployment among chemists is 3.5% - an all-time high.

Philadelphia Meeting in the Fall:

The meeting will focus on graduate education. 

Charles P. Casey, current ACS President, will unveil an Academic Employment Initiative (AEI) at this meeting in which candidates for faculty positions will present posters featuring their research and other professional experience at the SCI-MIX poster session.  This will allow recruiters from programs seeking faculty members to review and interact with a large number of potential candidates.