April 2000 Councilor's Report
Doug Coe

Your Councilor lead the Western Regional Councilor's Caucus on Sunday and represented the Montana Section at the Council Meeting on Wednesday morning at the 219th National ACS Meeting in San Francisco.

Two petitions on:

1)    changing the terms "Region" to "District" and "Regional Director" to "District Director" (this change will, hopefully, avoid confusion for sections like Colorado, who elect a Director in the Midwest Region, but who still participate in Rocky Mountain Regional activities)


2)    changing the classifications of membership in the Society to delete distinctions between United States and foreign members and to add "Student Affiliate" (this change should eliminate a foreign member of the Society from paying a smaller registration fee for national meeting than an American member - there was some concern that this change would penalize members of developing countries)

were presented for consideration to the Council.  A third petition to establish graduated dues for new members joining the Society within the first six years of eligible was withdrawn from consideration.

Your Councilor voted for Glenn Crosby and Michael Doyle for nominees for President-Elect and the Council elected Glenn Crosby and Eli Pearce as the Society's nominees.

Because of the strong financial position of the Society, the Committee on Budget and Finance voted unanimously to not increase the dues from their current level of $108 for next year.

A Presidential Event is being scheduled in Washington in the near future on the State of the Field and Visions for the Future in Electronic and Scholarly Publishing.

Membership Insurance Programs have been expanded to include long-term care and professional liability for chemical consultants.

New Society journals that are making their appearance are Nano Letters and Biomacromolecules.   The Society plans to place its publications Reagent Chemicals and the Safety Committee Manual on the WEB.  Purchasers of the printed version of the ACS Directory of Graduate Research should be able to the WEB version of this publication, DRGWeb.  The Society has sold the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences for $750,000.  Over 130 Colleges and Universities now subscribe to Sci-Finder Scholar.

This summer the Committee on Professional Training will implement an electronic web-based form for the submission of CPT Annual Reports.

The Society is considering forming a Committee on Ethics.

The Committee on International Activities expressed concern about Wen Ho Lee's condition of imprisoment.

This National Meeting in San Francisco was the largest in the Society's history by all measures with a record numbers of 18,307 attendees, 8,200 papers presented, 488 exhibitor booths, 2000 undergraduates, 600 undergraduate papers presented, and over 3,000 interviews conducted.  95% of the abstracts for this meeting were submitted electronically.   Registration in the future will allow for real-time hotel registration (whatever that means) and the inclusion of smaller more economical hotels as lodging choices.