American Chemical Society
Form:  Part I - Annual Report Questionnaire REQUIRED
Organization:  Montana
Year:  2006
 ****Important Notice Please Read****
The EZ form consists of the Part I - Questionnaire, Part III - Financial Report and the Optional Part IV - Self-Nomination Form for ChemLuminary Awards. Sections that wish to submit the EZ form are not required to submit the Part II - Narrative and Appendices. All local sections are eligible to complete the EZ form UNLESS, they would like to self-nominate themselves for the LSAC Award for Outstanding Performance by a Local Section. Local sections may submit the EZ form and self-nominate themselves for any of the other awards listed in Part IV. Local Sections must postmark or submit their completed annual reports electronically by February 15, 2007 to be eligible for any of the awards

We do not wish to be considered for the Local Section Outstanding Performance Award

*Part I Annual Report Questionnaire
*Part II Annual Report Narrative and Appendices (Optional)
*Part III Financial Report
*Part IV Self Nomination for ChemLuminary Awards (Not Eligible for Local Section Outstanding Performance Award (Optional)

Our section would like to be considered for the ACS Local Section Outstanding Performance Award. We are submitting Parts I,II,III and IV of the annual report

*Part I Annual Report Questionnaire
* Part II Annual Report Narrative and Appendices
* Part III Financial Report
* Part IV Self Nomination for ChemLuminary Awards (***Outstanding Performance Award Nomination must be completed***)
 Web Posting of Annual Reports
Our Section would like to have Parts I and II (if applicable) posted on the Local Section Activities Committee website.
Please list the titles of your top activities (Rank order) and indicate if the activity was new in 2006.
if new
in 2006
Title of Activity
Montana Section Fall Social
Montana Section Meeting in Miniature
2 ACS SEED students at U Montana
sponsored 'science demonstration' show
2.1 How many times did the executive committee meet during 2006?
2.2 How many members are on the executive committee?
2.3 How many section meetings were held in 2006?
2.4 On average, how many members attend a regular section meetings?
2.5 What percentage of the section's Councilors were in official attendance at the ACS spring Council meeting?
2.6 What percentage of the section’s Councilors were in official attendance at the ACS fall Council meeting?
2.7 How do Councilors report to the section about national ACS matters?
(check all that apply)
at a section meeting at an executive committee meeting
in the newsletter on the local section website
2.8 Specify active committees having two or more members. Please indicate the chair's name where appropriate.
Awards Mentoring
Budgets/Finance Minority Affairs
Career Assistance/Employment Newsletter/Publication
Chemistry Olympiad Nominations
Community Activities
(e.g. National Chemistry Week or
Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, etc.)
Professional Relations
Continuing Education Project SEED
Education Public Relations
Environmental Senior Chemists
Environmental Health & Safety/
Chemical Hygiene
Women Chemists
Government Affairs Younger Chemists
Industry Relations
Long-Range Planning
Membership/Member Retention
2.9 How many subsections are active in the section?
2.10 How many subsection meetings were held in 2006?
2.11 How many topical groups are active in the section?
2.12 How many topical group meetings were held in 2006?
OPERATIONS AND PLANNING (check all that apply)
2.13 The section prepared a budget for 2006 (Please include a copy in Part II Appendix 2)
2.14 The section prepared a budget for 2007 (Please include a copy in Part II, Appendix 2)
2.15 The section prepared a long-range plan (Please include a copy in Part II, Appendix 2)
2.16 The section maintains and uses a current job manual prepared by the section as a guide for officers and committees.
2.17 The section conducted a membership survey in 2006 to determine member's interests and needs (Please include a copy in Part II, Appendix 3)
2.18 A section representative attended the ACS Leaders Conference (Local Section Leaders Track) in 2006.
2.19 The section has a succession plan.
2.20 How many newsletters were published in 2006?
2.21 One copy of a newsletter is included in Appendix 3.
2.22 How many meeting notices were published in 2006?
2.23 The section has an active website.
a. URL:
b. Webmaster Name:Doug Coe
2.24 The section used electronic communication.
2.25 The section posted its 2005 Annual Report on its website.
2.26 How many members voted in the 2006 officer election?
2.27 How many current elected officials, councilors and committee chairs:
a. have held other elected positions in the local section
b. have held other appointed positions in the local section
c. are in their first two years of service
2.28 Please complete the following as it applies to your last election: An election
was held
Election was
a. Chair-elect
b. Secretary
c. Treasurer
d. Councilor(s)
e. Other
2.29 Please indicate the number of positions that were open and the number
of members that ran for each position in your last election.
Number of open
Number of members
that ran for position
a. Councilor
b. Alternate Councilor
c. Other:
2.30 Please indicate the number of candidates, who ran for office this year, who:
a. Held a previous leadership position
b. Who are new to local section leadership
c. Who are new to local section activity
SECTION AWARDS (check all that apply)
2.31 The section submitted a nomination for the ACS Regional Award in High School Chemistry Teaching during 2006.
The section gave awards or a Salutes to Excellence to:
2.32 Primary school students (K-6)
2.33 Secondary school students (7-12)
2.34 College students
2.35 Primary school teachers (K-6)
2.36 Secondary school teachers (7-12)
2.37 College teachers
2.38 Members of the local section for service
2.39 Outstanding chemist(s), regardless of section affiliation
2.40 The section or local company encouraged and/or submitted a nomination for the ACS Regional Industrial Innovation Awards.
2.41 How many paid section affiliates excluding students (teachers, technicians, others) are there in the section?
2.42 Section has supported an existing Technician Affiliate Group (TAG)during 2006.
2.43 Section has promoted the formation of a Technician Affiliate Group during 2006.
2.44 Does your local section have a representative to your Regional Board/Steering Committee?
2.45 Does your section participate in the Regional Chmemjobs Employment Center?
2.46 Please indicate the approximate number of active volunteers in your local section.
a. How many of these volunteers were new in 2006?
2.47 Please indicate all the ways that you recognize volunteers:
Certificates Gifts
Awards Letter to volunteer
Letter to volunteer's supervisor Recognition at event
No formal recognition program

Other than normal succession of chair-elect to chair, how
does your local section identify future leaders and get them
into the leadership pipline?
Self-Nominations Solicitation or advertising
Identify active committee members Formal leadership training
Outreach to new members Arm-Twisting
 3 - 8 Connecting Chemistry and the Community
3. COMMUNITY BUILDING (Check all that apply)
3.1 Industrial members are active in the section's governance.
3.2 The section communicated with non-ACS members working in industry and local companies about meetings and programs.
3.3 Local companies have financially-sponsored an activity or donated money to the section.
3.4 Industrial members (M), local companies (C), and/or non-members employed in industry (N) participated in these section programs or activities.
Meeting at industrial site/plant tour
Local Section Award/Recognition program
Membership Drive for new members
Industrial speaker/Industrially focused topic
National Chemistry Week, Chemists Celebrate Earth Day or other community outreach activity
Career Development activities
Student or younger chemist activities
3.5 The section is affiliated with other technical or scientific societies or consortia.
a. The section affiliated with:
(name of technical organization)
This affiliation was approved by ACS council in what year.
3.6 The section held a meeting jointly with another professional society.
4. MENTORING AND LEADERSHIP (Check all that apply)
4.1 The section provided services for pre-college students.
4.2 The section provided speakers for student affiliates chapter meetings.
4.3 The section organized tours of local industries for student affiliates.
4.4 The section offered financial support for student affiliates chapter activities.
4.5 The section offered financial support to students attending regional or national meetings (undergraduate and/or graduate).
4.6 The section appointed a member as student affiliates chapter liaison.
4.7 The section members served as non-faculty professional advisors or contacts for students and young chemists.
4.8 The section provided students with free subscriptions to journals.
4.9 The section invited student affiliates to attend regular section meetings.
4.10 The section sponsored a teacher affiliate group to engage students in ACS.
4.11 The section involved student affiliates in community outreach activities
(e.g. National Chemistry Week and/or Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, etc.).
4.12 The section distributed career literature to students or to colleges and universities.
4.13 The section developed and maintains a networking directory.
5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (Check all that apply)
5.1 The section published articles on employment services in its newsletter or website.
5.2 The section sponsored local employment services (e.g., free ads in section newsletter or website, job counseling, employment clearing house)
5.3 A section representative attended a Local Section Career Program offered by the National ACS (if available) during 2006.
5.4 The section referred individuals to the national ACS Department of Career Management and Development.
5.5 The section maintained a job line for career opportunities available within the local section.
5.6 The section hosted an ACS short course.
5.7 How many local section career programs or activities were conducted in 2006?
a. How many career programs were new?
5.8 The section offered career counseling/literature.
5.9 The section maintains a list (and contact information) of local organizations
(networking directory) that employ chemical professionals?
5.10 Does your section have a Career Coordinator?
6. CONTINUING EDUCATION (Check all that apply)
6.1 The section organized a regional meeting.
An ACS Technical Division was involved.
6.2 The Section organized a symposium.
An ACS Technical Division was involved.
6.3 The organized a Meeting-in-Miniature.
An ACS Technical Division was involved.
6.4 The section organized an undergraduate research symposium.
An ACS Technical Division was involved.
6.5 The section organized a meeting that was co-sponsored by an ACS Technical Division.
6.6 The section has topical groups in interdisciplinary areas.
6.7 The section has sponsored meetings with an interdisciplinary focus.
6.8 The section offered activities such as symposia, seminars, or sponsored student activities on environmental issues.
6.9 The section offered specifically tailored symposia, seminars, or sponsored activities for industrial chemical professionals.
7. PUBLIC EDUCATION (Check all that apply)

The section provided assistance to K-12 schools by:
7.1 Providing Judges for area science fair(s)
7.2 Sponsoring awards at area science fair(s)
7.3 Members make visits to K-12 classrooms.
7.4 Presenting career programs and/or distributing career literature to students or schools
7.5 Sponsoring or organizing student competitions (e.g., chemistry examinations, ChemBowls, poster competitions)
7.6 Present Chemical Demonstrations
7.7 Participate in National US Chemistry Olympiad
The section encourages participation and leadership in all aspects of the chemical sciences by women (W),
underrepresented groups (G), and persons with disabilities (D). (Check all that apply)
7.8 Section members mentored students or colleagues
7.9 The section sponsored hands-on science activities in underserved communities.
7.10 The section provided summer research opportunities.
7.11 The section developed science career fairs at high schools or colleges that have high
femaile, underrepresented minority or disabled populations.
7.12 The section organized summer science camps.
7.13 The section sponsored contests or awards.
7.14 The section maintained employment services.
7.15 The section leadership (elected or appointed) includes underrepresented groups.
7.16 The section sponsored community outreach activities.
7.17 The section maintained an experts roster and provided it to local media.
7.18 The section created or updated a media list.
7.19 The section prepared a public relations plan and included a copy of this plan in Appendix 4.
7.20 How many times were section activities promoted to the local media (press releases, op-eds, advisories, etc.)?
7.21 The section used an ACS film, videotape, or other ACS visual-aid resource at a public event.
7.22 How many talks were given by section members to the public in 2006?
7.23 The section participated in, or conducted the following community activities:
National Chemistry Week
Chemists Celebrate Earth Day
7.24 The number of community outreach events conducted during National Chemistry Week.
7.25 The number of community outreach activities conducted during Chemists Celebrate Earth Day.
7.26 The section conducted teacher workshops.
7.27 The section invited teachers to attend section meetings.
7.28 The section provided teachers with free subscriptions to magazines or journals.
7.29 The section involved teachers in section program planning.
7.30 The section participated in Project SEED
7.31 The section provided a forum to address educational issues.
8. ADVOCACY (Check all that apply)
8.1 Local section members interacted with federal government officials. (i.e., members of Congress, agency staff, etc.) to encourage funding of research.
8.2 Local section members interacted with federal government officals (i.e., members of Congress, agency staff, etc.) to encourage support for ACS workplace policy issues.
8.3 The section conducted a chemical hygiene, responsible care or environmental health and safety event for the general public.
8.4 The section offered its services to the local community as a resource on chemical hygiene, responsible care or environmental health and safety.
8.5 The section carried out environmental activities for the general public.
8.6 Section has a Government Relations Representative.
8.7 Section hosted a government policymaker (elected, appointed or otherwise) to speak at a local section meeting.
8.8 Section organized or participated in a special government relations event (state capitol day, science town meeting, legislative hearing, public policy forum, etc).
8.9 Section informed its members on legislative issues and events through newsletter articles, Website, or other communication method.
8.10 Section member(s) held an office or key position in state or federal government in 2006.
8.11 The section actively encourages members to join and participated in ACS' Legislative Action Network.
8.12 The section arranged for visits with federal elected officials when they are home on recess.