American Chemical Society
Form:  Part II - Annual Narrative Report Optional for EZ Submission

Organization:  Montana
Year:  2006
 A. Activities
Please describe and rank up to ten of your section's activities during 2006. Provide (a) the title of the activity, (b) a one paragraph description of the activity, and (c) an indication if this activity was new in 2006. If you wish to provide details beyond these paragraphs, please do so in Appendix 1.

Activity #1
a) Title:

b) Description
(Please limit to
one paragraph):

We had 2 ACS SEED students, Mariah Cooley and William 
Fletcher, that did h.s. research in 2 chemistry labs
the University of Montana.

c) This activity was new in 2006

Activity #2
a) Title

Science Demo
b) Description
(Please limit
to one paragraph):

Montana ACS sponsored a 'science demonstration' show 
at the Montana Science fair in April 2006.

c) This activity was new in 2006

Activity #3
a) Title

Fall Social
b) Description
(Please limit
to one paragraph):

We hosted a weekend social for members and guests at 
local hot springs resort. We had an invited speaker
who spoke about the science of prion-based diseases.

c) This activity was new in 2006

Activity #4
a) Title:

Undergraduate poster symposium
b) Description
(Please limit
to one paragraph):

At the fall social, we sponsored a poster symposium 
for Montana undergraduates who had done chemistry
research during the previous year.

c) This activity was new in 2006
 B. Summary - Overall Section Activities

Please summarize in 1,000 words or less, the activities of the section in 2006 which have not been already described. Outstanding events should be described in some detail and appropriate attachments included in Appendix 3. Programs described here may be featured in publications produced by the ACS Membership Division and/or at the Local Section Leadership Conferences.

 C. Local Section and Chair Goals

1. 2006 Goal Attainment. The Local Section Activities Committee strongly encourages local section planning. As a result, the 2006 local section annual report should follow-up on the attainment of goals. Please list the goals you set at the beginning of your term for your section and yourself, and report on the attainment of the goals.

a) Local Section Goals and Assessment:


b) 2006 Chair's Goals and Assessment:

I was hoping to broaden the appeal of our two main 
activites (spring meeting in miniature and fall
social) to members in the eastern part of the state.
Traditionally, we only get members to attend and be
active if they live in the western 1/3 of Montana.
This means that the entire easternmost 500 miles of
the state are usually inactive. We did get some
participation this year at both meetings, and we'll
continue to appeal to our eastern members.

2. 2007 Goals. (This section should be completed by the 2006 local section chair.) Please list below at least three goals that you and your local section plan to accomplish during your term as local section chair.

a) 2007 Local Section Goals (Include at least three goals):

We would like to get more involved in the HS teacher 
awards program.

We'd also like to change our constitution to allow for
more at-large members of the executive committee. As
a result, we hope to get eastern Montana members in
the pipeline for deeper involvement.

We would also like to adjust the constitution to elect
a representative to the NORM board.

b) 2007 Chair's Goals:

 D. Suggestions/Concerns

List any suggestions you have for the Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC). How can LSAC specifically help your section?