American Chemical Society
Form:  Part II - Annual Narrative Report Optional for EZ Submission

Organization:  Montana
Year:  2005
 A. Activities
Please describe and rank up to ten of your section's activities during 2005. Provide (a) the title of the activity, (b) a one paragraph description of the activity, and (c) an indication of which ACS Strategic Thrusts. Please refer to the end of this section for a listing of the ACS Strategic Thrusts or see Part I, questions 3-8. If you wish to provide details beyond these paragraphs, please do so in Appendix 1.
Activity #1
a) Title:

K5 kitchen chemistry
b) Description
(please limit to
one paragraph):

In may of 2005, the Department of Chemistry at the 
University of Montana invited a fifth grade class
from a local elementary school. The students were
given an opportunity to engage in a half day of
experiments at a college general chemistry. This was
an experiment on the department's part to see if this
age group is an appropriate age to engage in chemical
concepts. There were four stations setup for the
students to rotate. All experiments were centered
around acid base food chemistry. The highlite was to
use a pH meter to check pH of water samples they took
around their school.

c) Which Core Strategy(s)does this activity support? (Please refer to the List of Core Strategies)

1 2 3 4 5 6

This activity was new in 2005
Activity #2
a) Title

AP workshop for K12 chemistry teachers
b) Description
(Please limit
to one paragraph)

Montana Tech hosted an AP workshop aimed at K12 
teachers and students. The workshop focussed on two

c) Which Core Strategy(s) does this activity support? (Please refer to the list of Strategic Thrusts)

1 2 3 4 5 6

This activity was new in 2005
Activity #3
a) Title

Community Open House
b) Description
Please limit
to one paragraph

Montana Tech student affiliate chemistry club 
helped in hosting an open house for the surrounding
area to showcase projects and research in the
chemistry department.

c) Which Core Strategy(s) does this activity support? (Please refer to the list of Core Strategies)

1 2 3 4 5 6

This activity was new in 2005
 C. Local Section and Chair Goals
1. 2005 Goal Attainment. The Local Section Activities Committee strongly encourages local section planning. As a result, the 2005 local section annual report should follow-up on the attainment of goals. Please list the goals you set at the beginning of your term for your section and yourself, and report on the attainment of the goals.

a) Local Section Goals and Assessment:

One of the major goals we sought to explore and 
attain was to involve more of our ACS members across
the state in ACS events. Unfortunately the goal was
not reached. Due to the long distances and weather in
this state many of our members do not participate in
our Fall and Spring socials. On the other hand our
spring mini-symposia is growing in popularity among
students (grad and undergrad). Having a day of food,
talks and a chance for students to show their work
and socialize among themselves has been a nice way to
get students involved in the ACS.

b) 2005 Chair's Goals and Assessment:


2. 2006 Goals. (This section should be completed by the 2006 local section chair.) Please list below at least three goals that you and your local section plan to accomplish during your term as local section chair.

a) 2006 Local Section Goals (Include at least three goals):

First goal is to pursue a K12 ACS innovative h.s. 
teacher chemistry workshop

A second goal for the local Montana ACS section will
be to pursue more participation from our members in
eastern Montana, especially Billings.

b) 2006 Chair's Goals:

I would like to ensure better participation in the 
spring Montana ACS Meeting in Miniature.
- I would like to encourage more involvement in
Montana ACS functions by individuals outside of the
core group of academics from the University of
Montana, Montana State University, Montana Tech and
Carroll College. I'd especially like to get more
industry and environmental ACS members involved,
along with chemists from Rocky Mountain College, MSU-
Billings, University of Great Falls, the tribal
colleges and the community colleges.
 D. Suggestions/Concerns

List any suggestions you have for the Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC). How can LSAC specifically help your section?

 Listing of Core Strategies
Please refer to the numbers below when identfiying activities as they relate to the ACS Core Strategies
1 Providing Timely State-of-the-Art Chemical Information.
2 Serving as a Premier Professional Organization for Practioners of Chemistry.
3 Elevating Public Appreciation of Chemical Sciences and Technologies.
4 Changing the Defination of Chemistry to Encompass its True Multidisciplinary Nature.
5 Delivering a Dynamic and Integrated Portfolio of Products and Services.
6 Promoting Inclusiveness throughout the Chemical Enterprise.

For more information on the Core Strategies or the ACS Strategic Plan 2004-2007 please visit